Cathy Benarrous

Cathy Benarrous is a Legal Assistant in Vaughan Avocats’ Toulouse office.



Cathy Benarrous assists Vaughan’s team in Toulouse in the daily management of their work. She is involved in various tasks, ranging from the reception desk to maintaining the agendas for court hearings, and also preparing procedural correspondance and pleadings, as well as managing billing and the office’s documentation.


> Legal Assistant (Vaughan Avocats, 2013-)

> Legal secretary (Cabinet Calvo, now Morvilliers Sentenac & Associés, 1991-2012)

> Commercial secretary (Augat S.A., 1981-1990)

> Secretary (Cabinet Le Recueil des Marques – Pierre Potier, 1980-1981)

> HND (BTS) in executive secretary, option English stenography (School of Parc de Vilgénis, 1980)